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Nyki Kish

General disclaimer: this site is not as accurate as I would like it to be, and does need some further work, however I stand by my general conclusion.

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I very much recommend this very lucid article, by Lise LaSalle.

See links in menu on the left for content, but the following links are especially useful :

The prosecution and defence cases in brief

My Assessment of the evidence

Nordheimer-Verdict : Reasoning
The case of Nyki Kish - Clive Wismayer June 6 2012

Nyki Kish Case Overview - Clive Wismayer November 2 2012

My Visits With Nyki Kish: A Life Changing Experience Matt Baratta, May 2012

Index of uploaded files:

pollanen prelim.pdf ( autopsy report ).

Nordheimer verdict.rtf

Kish closing argument draft 8.doc

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